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The most important quality of any art is the sense of proportion.
Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, Writer (1828-1910)

K.Malevich. Red cavalry. 1928-32 (91x140cm, oil on canvas)
Russian State Museum, Saint-Petersburg

Kazimir MALEVICH - Red Cavalry

The best well-known Russian avant-garde artist at the end of his life created a strangely tragic painting which makes you shiver. “Red Cavalry” – one of his most expressive works – hides many riddles.


V.Polenov. Study of
Moscow courtyard. 1877.
Tretyakov gallery, Moscow

Vassily POLENOV - Moscow Сourtyart

Do you recognize this picture? A courtyard with low buildings, trails, churches in the distance, summery clear skies. Everything is so dear, so familiar. But something seems to be missing…